Hanging Vacuum Bag
Hanging Vacuum Bag
Hanging Vacuum Bag
Hanging Vacuum Bag
Hanging Vacuum Bag
Hanging Vacuum Bag

Hanging Vacuum Bag

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Your Long Search For An Efficient Storage Solution Is Over!

Whether you're looking to pack more items into suitcases when traveling or just to keep the clothes free from odors, dust, and dirt, this Hanging Vacuum Bag surely has all your needs covered!


Designed to hang and store items that you don’t want to be folded, this airtight bag is a great way to protect your clothes from moisture, dust and keeps them odor-free for a long time.

It not only helps you get more space out of your wardrobe but also keeps your clothing crease-free.



  • SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION: Provides thrice the storage as compared to an uncompressed storage volume
  • MAXIMIZE CLOSET SPACE: This is a great way to pack away bulky winter clothing and add more storage space to your closet
  • PROTECTS GARMENTS: The unique cap provides an airtight seal to protect items from mold, mildew, dirt, and odors that might occur within common storage areas
  • HIGHLY-EFFICIENT TURBO VALVE: It is able to exhaust the air 35% faster than most vacuum storage bags
  • EASY-TO-USE: A closing slider is supplied to allow you to quickly and easily seal the bag
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: It comes with a heavy-duty 5-ring hanger that allows you to hang up to five garments in each bag
  • VERSATILE: The hanger fits most closet rods and the bag is compatible with standard vacuum cleaners
  • COMPLETELY VISIBLE: This storage bag has been crafted from a clear material for excellent visibility
  • WIDELY USED: Ideal for storing suits, gowns, and seasonal clothing while saving important wardrobe space
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The bag is made of the finest materials, it is softer than other bags on the market and durable enough to be reused over and over again

How to Use

  • Put your clothes into the vacuum bag
  • Hold one side of the closing edge and firmly slide the clip to seal the bag
  • Using any vacuum cleaner or hand pump, draw the air out of the bag
  • Tighten the cap to keep the dust away


  • Material: PA + PE
  • Thickness: 60 Microns
  • Size:
  • 105 x 70 (cm)/135 x 70  (cm)

Package Includes

  • 1 x Hanging Vacuum Bag